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Soil and bank protection

Determining local flow velocities and turbulence on seabeds, banks and flood defences requires specific knowledge about materials, vegetation, tides and more. We have this knowledge in-house and use it when designing thorough soil protection. And if conventional design formulas no longer apply, we design new ones. Or we use proven insights and techniques from abroad.

Our expertise in soil and bank protection

  • All types of design (preliminary design, final design), including loose or penetrated rubble stone, block mats, concrete mats, asphalt mats, bank protection with vegetation with or without temporary strength, filter structures (granular geometrically closed, granular hydraulically closed, geosynthetics), sheet piles, plastic bank protection
  • Review of designs
  • Critical points for the realisation and implementation aspects
  • Innovations

We concretize sustainability and ensure movement.

What can we do for you?

Rinse Joustra


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Infram Hydren is a trade name of Infram.