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Assessment Water and Barrier Safety with the WBI

Knowledge sharing and quality assurance
  • Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
  • 2019 - present

Since 2017, the 'MOT inspection' of primary flood defences has been carried out on the basis of the Wettelijk Beoordelings Instrumentarium [Statutory Assessment Instruments] (WBI). This is an extensive assessment to check whether the barriers meet the set safety standards. Because Infram Hydren has actively contributed to the development and quality assurance of the WBI, we can (and want to) also play a role in making the instruments applicable to flood defence managers. Such as at Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK), where we train consultants to deal professionally with the WBI and to carry out assessments.

The questionKnowledge transfer and quality assurance within the assessment process

The core task of water managers is to ensure that flood defences meet the safety requirements and to provide for the necessary management and (preventive) maintenance. Until recently, dikes were assessed once every five years, now there are twelve years between assessments. For this reason, HHNK wants its consultants to be able to deal with the WBI optimally, so that assessments of flood defences or questions about dike conditions are substantiated professionally. Infram Hydren ensures the transfer of knowledge and quality assurance when it comes to being able to give a safety assessment, its interpretation and the determination of the necessary facilities.

Our contribution and resultTraining and reviewing the quality of the assessment process

Together with the consultant, we go through the entire assessment process (based on the WBI):

  • Strategy determination; what needs to be done (in the long-term), what are the issues for concern?;
  • Formulating the starting points for the different assessment tracks;
  • Interpreting (available) data; drawings, field and laboratory data;
  • How to deal with specific situations for which the WBI has no answer;
  • Customised Assessment (including coordination with the Water Helpdesk);
  • Collaboration with other parties, such as data controllers;
  • Reviewing the consultant's products.

HHNK's consultants are now able to carry out the assessment of the flood defences in the area independently.

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