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Lowering Groynes and Banks Pannerdensch Kanaal

Sustainable from the start
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • 2016 – 2024
Parties involved
  • Ploegam

Groyne and Bank Lowering of the Pannerden canal involves lowering 38 groynes and five banks over a stretch of 6 km in the Pannerden canal. The aim is to lower the water level by 5 cm at extreme high water and to restore the discharge distribution at the junction point. The latter makes it an exciting project from a river perspective: we are working on the mains tap in the Netherlands. The fact that a hybrid contract is used (plan elaboration and realisation in one contract) makes the process challenging. Infram Hydren was involved from the exploratory phase and has ensured that sustainability and circularity form the basis for the design, plan elaboration and realisation.


The questionSustainability as a starting point in the collaboration between the client and market parties

In 2016, Infram-Hydren consultants were involved in the MIRT explorations and preparations for tendering the ensuing stages. There, the choice was made to implement sustainability (with maximum circularity and partly with emission-free equipment) as much as possible in all phases of the project. And it has been included in the request for tender and (contract) requirements for market parties. For both the plan elaboration and realisation, this was realised in accordance with the ideas of project 'DOEN'. The approach is to work together with the market at an early stage to increase the chance of a sustainable and feasible design.

Our contribution and resultsPlan of Approach, design process, integral safety, knowledge development

Infram Hydren provided the Technical Manager who

  • carried out the MIRT exploration within this project and helped write the two-phase contract. In it, the sustainability objectives were translated into contract requirements and the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) criteria;
  • has been involved in the (preparation of) the tendering;
  • has carried out the design process during the plan elaboration phase;
  • is actively involved in the design issues;
  • supervises the contractor's work and products;
  • has ultimate operational responsibility for integral safety (IS) on the project. From the design process to a safe and maintainable design;
  • organises activities that improve the knowledge, awareness and culture of safety within the team.

Due to the careful preparations in plan elaboration and intensive collaboration with the contractor, the project will move from plan elaboration to the realisation phase this year (2021). By including sustainability in all aspects of the process at an early stage, the design and realisation plan is fully integrated. This approach is regularly used as an example of a project and collaboration process in which sustainability and circularity form a workable starting point for the plan elaboration and realisation.

We concretize sustainability and ensure movement.

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