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Working at Infram Hydren

Hydraulic engineering, innovation, research and more

We from Hydren have a mission: to contribute to a sustainable and water-safe Netherlands

We don’t just talk, we do! With innovative strength, knowledge and entrepreneurship, we realise solutions alone, or together with governments and the business community, that make a difference in the world of flood risk management. We maintain our power of execution through the broad mix of educational background, age and experience of our colleagues. We are curious about you!

We are curious about you!

Send a motivation letter and CV to info@infram-hydren.nl. We will contact you.

We are open to interested parties with all the relevant educational backgrounds and experiences.

About Infram Hydren

Infram has been working on sustainable solutions since 1994. We do that in the areas of water, space, mobility and energy. By establishing connections between parties, content and interests, we achieve supported decision-making and results.

Infram Hydren has been the trade name for Infram’s technical activities since 2019. Infram Hydren is an integral part of Infram and is a specialist in the field of flood defences. We work on sustainable and efficient flood protection. We do this by providing specialist advice and by being at the forefront of developments such as initiating and implementing research and innovation.

We are located in Maarn (province of Utrecht). In the past we were located in the former hydraulic laboratory in Voorst. This is also where the roots of Infram Hydren lie. Our employees are familiar with hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, spatial representation (e.g. GIS) and the development and application of various models and tools (e.g. in Matlab and Python). This diversity of competencies makes us the specialist for the various tasks of our clients: the water boards, Rijkswaterstaat, research institutes and contracting.

We are curious about you!

If you are interested and/or have any queries, please send an email to info@infram-hydren.nl

Infram Hydren is a trade name of Infram.