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Dike revetments

Dikes and dams are essential for guaranteeing water safety. Their own condition is therefore of great importance. Infram Hydren is an expert in dike and dam revetments. The correct revetment is essential for the stability and strength of the dike or dam and its (water containment) function. This is true for the foundations, construction, sealing, filter and separation layers and cover layer; each part in itself and the coherence is important. We carry out (innovative) research with, among other things, the wave simulators, resulting in new insights and instruments. From there we can design and assess flood defences based on the latest knowledge and developments.

Our expertise in dike revetments

  • Assessing the stability of underwater and above-water embankments
  • Designing underwater and above-water embankments
  • Assessing top layer stability
  • Filter structures
  • Teaching content courses
  • Reviewing new instruments/software

We concretize sustainability and ensure movement.

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Chris Wauben


Foto Chris Wauben
Infram Hydren is a trade name of Infram.