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ResearchWith applied research we contribute to reliable assessment methodologies and calculation models.

Infram Hydren is active in research, in order to, for example, create generic design and assessment methods or establish starting points for a new design. We provide research knowledge and experience in exploring problems or specific measures for dike reinforcement solutions in flood risk management tasks. When suitable calculation methods are lacking, we are experts in setting up (model) research. For this purpose, we manage research resources such as the wave run-up simulator and wave overtopping simulator to carry out research, develop calculation rules and test innovations in practice.

One of our (inter)national key activities is physical research on flood defences, among other things with the simulators and our sod pulling device. In addition, we also support knowledge institutions in physical research. We translate the acquired knowledge into calculation rules and implement them together with other parties in the assessments and design specifications. We also regularly publish papers about our research. Some examples of this are shown below:

Infram Hydren has participated in the production of various videos about wave overtopping that are included on EurOtop-website. These videos provide an insight to, for example, flood defense managers regarding the actual meaning of certain quantities of overtopping.

Our roles

  • Technical manager
  • Consultant
  • Expert
  • Innovation manager

In addition, we work (or have worked) in this field on, among other things:

  • Pulau Tekong Polder Singapore for Boskalis-Penta Ocean
  • Future Dikes for Waterschap Rivierenland, HWBP and Radboud University
  • Polder2C's Living Lab HedwigeProsperpolder for Waterloopkundig Laboratorium Borgerhout Belgium
  • POV Waddenzeedijken for Waterschap Hunze and Aa's and HWBP
  • Dike reinforcement project Zwolle-Olst for Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta and HWBP
Infram Hydren is a trade name of Infram.